How our dates have helped our customers.

Faisal from Stockton, CA
My mom have heart problem I order for her last time she feeling much better after using it I love to order again I love it good for heart..

By Meerwais from Coloma, MI
I am sportsman playing cricket, I started eating ajwa dates which make me feel strong and fit, I have noticed that my energy level have increased and more stamina, the good thing about ajwa dates is it reduced my cholesterol, they are delicious and low in calories I just love them.

Feroza from Union City, CA
Having diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April of 2013. I have been eating 7 Ajwa Dates every morning without eating or drinking anything and Mahshallah I am feeling great, I look and feel very healthy. Also cancer is not spreading at all, but is slowly going away. Thanks to Ajwa Dates and Zam Zam Water and Allah (SWT).

Mohammed from Arlington, TX
I bought ajwa dates for my irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids problem. I tried all sorts of medications miralax, dulcolax and hemorrhoid creams but it would recurr everytime i stopped the medications. Even with the medications i would only get 70% relief. After eating 7 ajwa dates daily I noticed significant improvement of my constipation and I started having regular bowel habits in addition to the healing of my hemorrhoids. A healthy natural and affordable alternative to medications.

Yusuf from Phoenix, AZ
Assalamualikum! It is the best dates in the world.I feel v.fresh all the pain in the bones is gone as I was feeling before.

Feriha from Staten Island, NY
Assalamwaalaikum, ever since I started eating ajwa dates I feel much healthier, energetic, and focused. I love eating Ajwa dates because of the benifets that prophet Muhammad SAAWS has stated about its benefits. Waalaikumasalam.

Eva from Rockville, MD
I think it gives me more energy.

Nazeel from Tampa,FL
I noticed more energy and more alertness. My hemoglobin also increased, in spite of the fact that I don't eat red meat any more! I think Ajwa dates definitely have good health benefits especially for people who do exercise, since these dates provide good load of Carbs., and minerals.

Mohammed from Alpharetta, GA
Ajwa dates are delicious and full of nutrition. We have used them and find highly beneficial to control cholesterol and heart problems.

Jeffery from Matawan, NJ
Before my order of ajwa dates I used to get terrible stomach aches that would cause me to vomit right after my daily meal just eating 7 ajwa date before my morning has helped a great deal with a change of this stomach I thank Allah subhana wa ta ala for bestowing upon us by his mercy this beautiful sunnah that mashallah is been of great benefit in my life.

Syeda from Boston, MA
I love ZumZumStore dates especially Ajwa. It is very beneficial for health, it has all the vitamins and minerals required by our body and it is one of a kind of date recommended by our prophet. I feel better when I eat 7 a day I feel very energized. May Allah swt reward you for your kind offer. You have the best dates in USA.

Mulik from Sugarland, TX
I got the best Dates (AJWA) I ever had from I regularly take 5 dates every morning and cannot tell you how much better at my young age of 81 years. I will be 82 inshallah in April. I strongly recommend eating Ajwa dates after removing pit fill it with about the same amount of butter. Rasoolulah always ate that way.

Zuber from Gatineau, Canada
I have chosen Ajwa dates over others due to unique taste and energy it provides. I especially eat this during Ramadhan because it provides the energy that I require for my daily activity. I find eating 4 or 5 at suhoor will last me the entire day without feeling hungry. Awesome dates!

Farah from Herndon, VA
May Allah bless you for providing such an excellent customer service. You have gained a customer for life! It's only been a couple of days and my family can see the improvement in our health from consuming Ajwa dates, Alhumdulilah. We have a lot more energy. The Ajwa dates are helping my mother with her joint pains. She hasn't taken any medication since starting Ajwa dates!! Thank you so much for your service. May Allah reward you!

Hakeem from Goldsboro, NC
The Ajwa Dates were good for my blood circulation in my legs.

Zainab from Sacramento, CA
It's the best fruit I'v ever tasted in my life, Thank you zumzum store!

Hasan from Fenton, MI
Ajwa dates are absolutely amazing. I ordered a box from ZumZum Store because my wife was giving birth to our son. During the pregnancy, at home, she was able to eat these dates which gave her the energy she needed - these were all she ate. After the birth she was quite exhausted and these amazing dates rejuvenated her. My father chewed up these holy dates and gave them to the boy, insh'Allah he will be as pious when he grows up.

Paul from Ashland, MA
In the past two years, I shed 43kg of excess weight. As part of this effort (which always includes exercise), I completely re-engineered my diet so it would be sustainable over the long term. The big breakthrough for me was understanding that food interacts with one's DNA, providing metabolic instructions to the body. In 2012, I visited Jeddah's historic center and sukh where I was introduced to ajwa dates. Ever since then, I have eaten ajwa dates as part of my daily diet. I like to have them just after going to the gym to boost my recovery from strenuous exercise and as a way to regulate my blood sugar level. Since I am a consultant with a demanding schedule, I also find that having a supply of ajwas in my travel bag is essential, since I cannot always find appropriate food to eat in transit.

Fawzia from Keller, TX
Since I started having ajwa dates every morning my energy level is up. I have noticed a remarkable improvement with my knees and am able to perform salt without sitting on a chair alhamdulillah . It's also tasty as a after dinner sweet or afternoon snack.

Azhar from Brooklyn, NY
By including Ajwa dates to my diet I was able to lower my blood pressure from high to normal. I was at stage 2 hyper tension, by fasting and eating Ajwa dates daily I was able to return my blood pressure to normal levels with in 6 weeks. Ajwa dates provide me with the nutrients, and energy I need through out the day. More than anything I love the taste especially with milk... Delicious! Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam ate and recommended dates, now we know why. It's a miracle food. To say I love what the Prophet loved is special also.

Shams from Utica, NY
I was using Ajwa date when i was pregnant for my first child. Alhamdulillah for my entire pregnancy i didn’t seen any difficulty or health problem. During my delivery i ate Ajwa date and i didn’t felt no pain. I thank to my Rab for everything. InshaAllah from now on i want to use Ajwa date every time even if I am not pregnant.

Suzan from Edmond, OK
Ajwa dates have been helping me to regulate my digestive system. I take them in lieu of medication for digestive issues and subhanAllah they work better than medication! Eating them first thing in the morning has become a part of my daily health regime.

Dr. Syed from Chicago, IL
The AJWA DATES, a natural fruit/ is full of healthy benefits. It is loaded with Iron (Fe), Potassium (K).Calcium (CA) and Zinc minerals which help in maintaing Acid/Base balance in blood, human body; These minerals also are essential for a balanced functions of kidneys. The carbohydrate contents with Iron help metablolism, and energy process in our cellular respiration and cell mitochondrial ATP synthesis. Some of the ingredients, mostly Phytochemicals, Vitamin B-12, Biotin also are extremly helpful in reducing cholesterol fat levels. I regularly almost every day eat atleast 4-5 Ajwa Dates and enjoy its numerous benefits to maintain a healthy body.

Kalimah from Staten Island NY
As a teacher working in New York City school it is very hetic and at times tiring. So, I tried to eat at least five Ajwa dates every morning and I've noticed increased energy throught the day. Also, I do not feel as hungry when I have these dates as opposed to when I don't. I also believe that it has helped my son. He exhibits mood swings which affects normal interaction amongs family and friends. It appears to me whenever he eats these dates he appears quite sociable. This has convinced me that there are extreme health benefits in Ajwa dates.

Mulik from Sugar Land, TX
I started eating 7 Ajwa dates first thing in the morning starting April 2nd. I have tremendous feeling of strength and also lot less pain in my knee (Arthritis) I have reduced aspirin from 3 tablets to 2 and feel in few more weeks I will be able to reduce it to ONE Inshallah.

Abdul from Columbia, SC
I have been fighting hypoglycemia for a long time. Ajwa dates has been great use to me since I started using them, it is helping a lot. And now instead of using a sugar candy, I use Ajwa dates instead. It is also stabilizing my hemoglobin and iron level as well.

Shubhda from Monroe Twp, NJ
Since I started taking Ajwa date my hemoglobin A1c has gone down from 6.4 to 6. My blood pressure has gone down too. I am very happy and plan to take Ajwa dates for rest of my life.

Shariq from Edison, NJ
I eat 2 Ajwa Dates every night after dinner as my desert. They are very tasty. The best advantage is that they do not have a lot of calories. It has helped me in maintain my Potassium level. It has also helped me with my high blood pressure. It has also helped me in losing weight as it fills you up at night and you don't have the craving to eat sweets.

Khalid from Toronto, Canada
Ajwa is good to use for following:
1- Effective in preventing abdominal cancer.
2- To prevents anemia.
3- To strengthen nervous system and in energy production.
4- For the treatment of hypertension.
5- For healthy bones.
6- for healthy skin and eyesight.
7- Protecting from pellagra, a disease which is manifested as dermatitis.
8- To treat dementia and fatigue.
9- To reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood.
10- To protect the heart and circulatory system.
11- For protection against atherosclerosis and heart problems, and for protein metabolism.

from Altus, OK
I must tell you guys that Ajwa Dates cannot be compared to any other dates all over the world. There are several reasons behind this fact which I would love to elaborate. Our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) used to eat Ajwa Dates which automatically places Ajwa Dates on the top of the list. There are countless health benefits of Ajwa. I can name few of them for you.
I was overweight with High Cholesterol and I managed my Diet with Ajwa dates. I would eat 7 of them First thing in the morning and three before go to sleep. Our Beloved Prophet(PBUH) used to eat them in ODD numbers so I wanted to follow a Sunnah.
I lost 50 pounds of weight and 30 points of bad Cholesterol within 6 months and when I went back to doctor ,he was surprised to see me with a huge change of my healthy diet.Ajwa dates are rich in Vitamins and Minerals. These natural products contain calcium,Iron Sulphur, Potassium.
Ajwa Dates helped me with my daily Constipation issues. It maintains your heart healthy and keeps you Young.

Joshuone from Santa Rosa, CA
AsSalamu Alaikum. The health benefits of eating Ajwa dates that my family and I enjoy are numerous. Most notably, my wife eats Ajwa dates in order to ease the pains of childbirth, and to speed up the recovery time after giving birth to our son, AzZubair. Also once the baby was born, the first thing he had to eat was a date that I had chewed up in order to give back the sugars that were not so readily available in the first breast milk, and babies leave their mothers needing this sugar. Another obvious health benefit that we enjoy from eating Ajwa is our appetites are satisfied by this healthy snack in between meals. The natural energy packed into the small date by Allah SWT is one of the most concentrated and "clean" feeling of any I know, far better than caffeine drinks. JazakAllah khair for your kind offer of Ajwa dates and may Allah SWT reward you.

Toqa from Alpharetta, GA
I'm glad to know zumzum online store. I ordered Ahead several times. I like the speed of shipment and the excellent quality. I love to take 7 pieces of ahead every morning on empty stomach. It makes me feel very relax and comfortable the whole day. It gives me confident that I will not affected by poison or manic. I really feel the difference the day I eat those dates.

Arif from Falls Church, VA
First of all, the most benefit for me is that I followed the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam. I felt very happy when I bought this dates for that reason. I am sure that there are many benefits that even the medicine has not discovered yet. I used to eat the dates with yogurt drink for Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan, and that made me full enough to restore my energy. I was looking to find that dates for many years and am happy that Zumzum Store gets the opportunity to provide that sweet dates for us here in the United States.

Abdelmalek from Boxborough,MA
Your service is exceptional and may Allah reward you for making these great products easily available to us. The health benefits of Ajwa Dates are tremendous and these dates, which are the Prophet's (PBUH) favorite, are essential to our overall well-being. They contribute to a strong healthy heart, a productive and efficient digestive system, and they are naturally rich in fiber, potassium, and iron. I would strongly recommend that you get your authentic and blessed Ajwa Dates from

Asad from Valley Stream, NY
I'm feeling much better in all aspects after starting Ajwa Dates before my breakfast. I saved all of seeds and crushed them and taking half spoon of powder every day. It helped me a lot to reduce my cholesterol.

Fasahat from Fort Worth, TX
I have been buying Ajwa dates from Zumzum stores for a long time. They are primarily consumed by my kids and grand kids, who had frequent allergies and upper respiratory infections. Since they started taking Ajwa dates early morning each day, they have remarkable relief from these ailments. They also feel more energetic in the day. These benefits are besides the unique taste of these dates, so different and so enjoyable. My wife and I also take Ajwa dates occasionally after dinner and the they proved to be a healthy and cherished alternative to customary desserts. Their quality is high and seem very fresh. I am a permanent customer for obvious reasons. I highly recommend them to all, who know what Ajwa dates are or those, who want to try.
Thank you.

Fathima from Sri Lanka
I was suffering from a headache which was like a power moving up on my spine and feels heavy on my head, I took english medicine and wasnt successful. It affected my studies a great deal, I cudnt even look at a book coz it feels like someone is turning me to the otherside.Then i realised it was something to do with a spiritual healing . Alhamduulillah i got your product on ramazan and i treated my self with that. I am feeling much better and finished my graduation too. Loads of dua and jazak allah khair for asking me.

Fatima from Chapel Hill, NC
staves of hunger in a way that is healthy.

Fadi from Kenmore, WA
I tried Ajwas dates for the first time last year after ordering it online from your website. They are one of my favorite type of dates not only bacause how they taste but because how healthy it was for me after eating it daily for several weeks. I felt much more energized and my irritable bowel syndrome I had at the time went away. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Kashif from Westmont, IL
Alhamdullilah , whenever I eat the dates I feel better and protected that day.

Gordon from Teaneck, NJ
Ajwa dates help me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I truly feel much better when I eat Ajwa dates, as opposed to when I donot eat them. I wish I could have an endless supply of these dates.

Khadija from Corona, CA
I have ordered ajwa dates from here and they came on time and in very good condition. They were juicy and delicious. One of my main reason for ordering was for my kids. They won't eat any dates unless they are ajwa; they like its taste and color more better. We ordered them because we wanted to cure ourselves from black magic and these are very powerful dates. They cure body mind and soul subhanAllah. I am looking fwd to ordering more.

Afnan from Brooklyn, NY
Ajwa dates are very helpful in daily diet. It helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and also boost my metabolism.

Sana from Orlando, FL
I bought 4 big boxes of ajwa dates from you!and it's almost finish .i can feel the difference now my bp is under control and i don't feel weakness like before because I am eating 3 ajwa dates every morning!and I can feel I am safe from bad thing like black magics and all that.

Seemin from Cambridge, MA
I'm an (older) student and have been using Ajwa dates for more than a year now. I have them first thing in the morning with water. I'm pleased to say that my health is much better than before.

Perry from Yardley, PA
I eat 4 Ajwa dates every day keep my weight in control due to not feeling hungry.

Hejaz from Reading, PA
My health has improved in many ways. My diet is more balanced, helps me with my daily fiber. And also I'm taking them for protection against harm for evil. Alhamdulillah. And there are many more benefits I've noticed.

Azhar from New York, NY
Ajwa Dates - The Prophet's favorite dates. It's my favorite breakfast snack - 7 dates every morning.

Hameed from Papillion, NE
Ajwa dates have several health benefits for the digestive system. They are full of fiber. They are also good for weight loss and they contain less calories and full with iron.

Abdulhaleem from North Brunswick, NJ
I eat ajwa dates every morning as per the advice of Rasoollullah (SAW) believing in cure from every illness and black magic. I pray to attain every benefit out of it.

Ashraf from Allen, Texas
Something has prophetic touch, I do believe it has miracle power of healing, me and my wife take Ajwa dates ever morning for prevention of any serious health problem.

Asma from, Tempe, AZ
Our Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) recommended Ajwa Dates grounded along with seeds to a Sahabi Saad bin Abi Waqaas (RA) who had heart attack.