Learn how Al Ajwa Dates + Seeds help promote healthy lifestyle

Waseem from Harrison, NJ
I have heard about ajwa dates and the powder benefits, but never tried until I started feeling chest pain. After few months use of 3 ajwa dates and ΒΌ spoon of ajwa date powder in the morning helped and my chest pain disappear gradually Alhamdulillah.

Kenneth from New York, NY
I love the taste of the seed powder, very complex, with a hint of bitterness, and bitter is always better for your health. I appreciate how difficult it is to manufacture the powder, grinding the seeds, but anything that hard is worthwhile, like digging for 1 ounce of gold in 3 tons of rock. I feel that taking in this seed essence is a long-term great investment to ensure good heart and blood vessel health, and so far my cardio tests have all been great at age 66.

Syed from Canton, MI
Started to feel relief from chest discomfort experienced from time to time in the past.

Syeda from Boston, MA
I found it to have alot of benefits just like ajwa dates. It helps with heart conditions as well as digestion. Taking it in empty stomach is even better with a glass of water.

Narender from East Windsor, NJ
Hoping to drop the cholesterol levels.

Mir from Lakewood, CA
Assalamulakum I am using Al Ajwa Seeds Power to help hard my teeth and make blood pressure healthy.

Imran from Scottsdale, AZ
Lower BP.

Faisal from Stockton, CA
Help with my heart problem.

Sahar from Smyrna, DE
I purchased Al-Ajwa seed powder at ICNA 2015 and I absolutely love it! I mix it with yogurt or sprinkle it on my cereal. You can't taste it but the benefits are amazing! Helps with blood pressure, diabetes and gives you so much energy that lasts throughout the day. We all know what Rasoolullah SAW said about Al Ajwa dates, so why not use every little bit of it, including the seed and feel the difference in our lives.

Sherena from Houston, TX
Rich antioxidants, good for the heart, anti-aging, and it's good for teeth and bones.

Muhammad from Cordova, TN
My father is using seeds powder for last few months with ajwa dates.... Very delicious and energetic.

Salman from Statesboro, GA
I had read in the sunnah of the Prophet SAWS about making paste of 7 ajwa dates and the seed powder to help the heart strengthen. I was very happy to find a source to buy the ajwa dates, and the seed powder. Now I can make the paste at home and eat it every morning. The seed powder can also be used in vegetable drinks or juices (freshly prepared are recommended, to avoid white sugar). Thank you ZumZumStore for this product.

Noor from Sugar Land, TX
I have been Ajwa dates since a few months at the recommendation of a friend and other friends are also talking about the benefits. I still continue to buy it as they taste great and are a substitute for fatty desserts.

Shams from Seattle, WA
I have used this product when i was pregnant with my first child. First time I bought at the ICNA conversion i really liked and ordered online at the second time Alhamdulillah during my pregnancy i didn't seen any sickness and disease may Allah protect from us Ameen thumma Ameen. I am pregnant again with my second child and planing to order again with zamzam water and Ajwah Dates before my delivery InshaAllah. May Allah grant us a good health and bless us a healthy children Ameeen Duaa & Love Shams.